About us

Richminds Green Solutions (Formerly Rich Minds Infra Pvt ltd) founded in 2013 is primarily engaged in promoting Green Building Solution focussing on Water Efficiency & conservation projects.

We represent high-end quality product pertains to water aerators, strainers, hoses and faucets and non-chemical anti-scaling and de-scaling equipment. We have been catering to top brand hotels, hospitals, corporate, Industries and residential societies across India and till date, we found nil rejection from the field which is the prime indicator for we adhere to the quality always.

Our products with German technology ...

  1. Saves water more than 50% and no compromise in usage of water.
  2. Saves power consumption by 30% for pumping.
  3. Reduces load on STP.
  4. The payback period is less than 45 days and cost-effective.
  5. Easy to install and improves the life of plumbing equipment.
  6. Consistency in performance and longer life as no wear & tear.

We set different water flow rates in LPM( Litres Per Minute) by controlling pressures at the outlet for different types of taps like Hand wash, Kitchen sink, Head shower, Health faucet, Utility etc.,

We have been supplying to all major Hotels( Sheraton, Trident , Daspalla, Sea Green etc), Hospitals (Apollo, KIMS), Industries( Dr Reddy’s, Aurobindo, MRF etc), Govt organizations( GVMC, HMWSSB etc) and residential societies(NRI Complex, Navi Mumbai, Indraprastha, Vizag, NCC Urban Hyd, VIP Towers Vizag, etc). Till date, we received nil rejections from field and Word of mouth is our main source of the growth in our business currently across India.