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At an average, Water usage present flow is 8-22 LPM (Litres Per Minute), even more in utility area. Our Water Saving components -

  1. Save water by more than 50% without any discomfort
  2. Saves power consumption
  3. Less load on STP
  4. ROI in less than 45 days
  5. 2 years of replacement warranty
  6. Expected life is more than 5 years

Tap type
Suggested component
% saving
Only for Handwash Water saver 2LPM 75%-90%
Handwash cum facewash Water saver 4LPM
Kitchen sink Water saver 5LPM
Head/hand shower Flow Regulator 9LPM
up to 50%
Health faucet Flow Regulator 4LPM
Utility Water saver 5LPM